Watershed Agricultural Program Policies and Guidelines

General (I)             Eligibility for Participation/Whole Farm Plan (West of Hudson)
1.1.01A              Agricultural Environmental Management – Tier 1 Questionnaire/Application
1.1.03                Eligibility for Participation Guideline – (EoH)
1.1.04                Urgent Threats to Water Quality
1.1.05                Level of Treatment Guideline
1.1.06                Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Guideline
1.1.06A              CAFO Attachment
1.1.07                Farm Construction and Expansion Guideline
1.1.08                Watershed Agricultural Program Participant Status           Attachment A – Dispute Resolution               Watershed Ag Program Participant Status SOP
1.1.09                 Participation Cost Share Guideline (East of Hudson)            Participant Cost Share SOP (East of Hudson)

Whole Farm Plan Development (II)              Planning & Implementation Operational Directive
2.1.01                 Whole Farm Plan Guideline            Whole Farm Plan – Approval Procurement Procedure            Determining When a Multi-purpose BMP Should be Placed in Pollutant Category I or Category IV            Farm Status Change SOP            Tier 1 Questionnaire/EOH Application – Data Entry              Identified Resource Concerns (IRCs)          IRC Data Form            WFP2 Formatting Codes and Definitions            Roofed Barnyard SOP (WAC 3010, 3060)
2.1.02                 Whole Farm Plan (New and Revisions)            Determining When Concentrated Livestock Management BMPs Should be Ranked as a Category I or Category IV BMP            Planning Guides for Barnyard Sizing & Manure Estimation
2.1.02A               Watershed Agricultural Council Whole Farm Plan – Attachment A
2.1.04                 Agricultural BMP Subsequent Funding Approval Procedure
2.1.05                 Whole Farm Plan Cost Guideline (EOH)
2.1.06                 BMPs on Rented Property              Whole Farm Plan Supplemental Plan Development (SOP)
2.1.08                 New BMP
2.1.09                 Compost Facility Planning (EOH)
2.1.10                 Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) (WOH)              Whole Farm Plan Livestock Water Systems Practice Codes            Practice Codes           
2.1.11                 Agriculture Water Enhancement Program (AWEP) and Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Guideline            AWEP Sign-up and NRCS Contracting SOP              USDA – NRCS AWEP & EQIP Grant Funding
2.1.12                 Crop Expense Funding              Cropland Lime BMP SOP              Cover Crops SOP              Prescribed Grazing Lime
2.1.14                 BMP Component (Machinery & Equipment)                BMP Component (Machinery & Equipment) Manure Spreader Justification SOP
2.1.15                 Pasture Fencing Guideline
2.1.15A               Pasture Fencing Guideline Attachment A
2.1.16                 Field Subsurface Drainage (Tile) Guideline
2.1.17                 Whole Farm Plan Approval (EOH) Guideline
2.1.18                 Compost Facility Planning (EOH)
2.1.19                 Fuel Storage Facility Planning – Underground Fuel Storage Facility
2.1.20                 USDA Program Cost Share Guideline (EOH)
2.1.22                 Agricultural CREP BMP Subsequent Funding Approval
2.1.23                 Under Barn Waste Storage BMP – For New Livestock Housing Facilities              VTA Treatment Area Phosphorus Level Monitoring
2.1.25                 Greywater Treatment
2.1.26                 Manure Transportation BMPs                MTC BMP SOP            Manure Transportation Decision Grid
2.1.27                 Group Calf Housing
Implementation (III)
3.1.01               BMP Prioritization and Workload Development            BMP Prioritization and Workload Development SOP            BMP Prioritization & Workload Development on Eased Properties            BMP Prioritization: Determining the Pollutant Category on a Multipurpose BMP            Prioritizing Release of BMPs SOP
3.1.03               Nutrient Management Planning Guideline (EOH)
3.1.04               NM Program Credit Program
3.1.05               Nutrient Management Credit Extension
3.1.10               Whole Farm Plan (WFP) Annual Status Review (ASR)          Whole Farm Plan (WFP) Annual Status Review SOP
3.1.11                Farming in Accordance with a Whole Farm Plan (WFP)           ASR Form Attachment A           Easement Annual Status Review (EASR)           BMP Payment & As Built Documentation (Organizational)          BMP Payment – As Built checklist          Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) and Precision Feed Management (PFM) – BMP Assignment and FAME Data Entry SOP          Nutrient Management Plan Precision Feed Management Sequence for FAME Data Entry SOP
Maintenance (IV)
4.2.03               BMP Repair & Replacement Guideline            Lifespans: BMP Repair/Modification – BMP Repair & Replacement          Completed BMP Repair/Modification Request for Assistance
4.2.06               Repair & Replacement of 0-6 Months of Age Calf Housing
4.2.07               Funds to be used in Manure Emergency Situations
4.2.08               Invasive Species Obstruction Removal          Invasive Species Obstruction Removal SOP
4.2.09               Reporting Guideline