Main Office

Watershed Agricultural Council
33195 State Highway 10
Walton, NY 13856
(607) 865-7790

Executive Director
Ryan Naatz ext. 103

Executive Assistant to the Easement Program
Kayla Atanasoff  ext. 101

Finance Director
Carol Bishop  ext. 105

Payroll, Fringe Benefits and DP Specialist
Patricia Bowkerext. 108

Research and Evaluation Forester
Kris Brown ext. 112

Staff Accountant
Jaclyn Dunlop  ext. 107

Director of Operations
Amy Faulkner ext. 102

Contracts and Grants Specialist
Wendy Hanselman  ext. 115

Staff Accountant
Amy Harby  ext. 109

Senior Stewardship Specialist
Dennis Heinz ext. 106

Forestry Program Outreach Specialist
Heather Hilson ext. 119

Watershed Forester
Andrew Krutz ext. 114

Easement Program Acquisitions Coordinator
Bill Martin ext.120

Land Conservation Stewardship Specialist
Brent McKeon ext.116

Easement Program Stewardship Coordinator
Mike Morales ext. 111

Easement Program Manager
Serena Orleski ext. 118

Forestry Program Manager
Tom Pavlesich ext. 113

Land Conservation Stewardship Specialist
Matt Schaefer ext. 126 

Executive Assistant to the Forestry Program and WOH Forestry Educator
Brittany Schenck ext. 100

Watershed Forester
Karl VonBerg ext. 125

Finance Administrative Assistant
Trish Winner  ext.

Land Conservation Acquisitions Specialist