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East of Hudson Engineering Specialist

East of Hudson Project Engineer
Andy Cheung, P.E. ext. 11

Cheung_AndyAndy Cheung, P.E.
East of Hudson Project Engineer
ext. 11
[email protected]
Andy is the Project Manager and Certifying Engineer for the Croton Watershed East of Hudson Program. Since 2009, Andy has worked on designing, inspecting, and certifying BMPs for the Agricultural Program in Yorktown Heights and Walton. His daily tasks include preparation of construction plans, preparation of technical specifications, engineering cost estimates, performing hydraulic analyses and calculations, as well as other general engineering calculations. Before coming to the Watershed Agricultural Council, Andy worked as a Project Engineer and Project Manager for Shaw Environmental Inc. and at Leak Location Services, Inc., performing engineering design and service work. His 12 years of engineering experience at both Shaw and LLSI consisted of landfill design and permitting, leachate mitigation and control, landfill gas design, stormwater design, environmental remediation design, construction inspection and management, and post-closure operations and maintenance. Andy holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Texas and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of New York. He is also a registered CPESC in the state of New York.

East of Hudson Agricultural Program Manager
Gibson Durnford ext. 16

Davis_CarrieCarrie Davis    East of Hudson Agricultural Program Coordinator
ext. 16             [email protected]

Carrie Davis has been the Agricultural Program Coordinator for the Watershed Agricultural Council’s East of Hudson office in Yorktown Heights, NY since 2008. Carrie oversees a hardworking staff of five and is responsible for developing programmatic work plans, managing farm planning and implementation workloads, and assisting with a variety of field work including whole farm planning. Carrie also routinely represents the organization at various outreach events throughout the Croton Watershed. She has been working at WAC since 2004 and was initially tasked with implementing the Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) Program in Westchester County, inventorying over 100 farms in the Croton and Kensico Watersheds and conducting environmental assessments.
In 2006, as Conservation Planner, Carrie worked closely with the USDA NRCS and County SWCDs in developing whole farm plans and nutrient management plans on participating farms. Prior to her employment at WAC, Carrie worked for the Environmental Management Bureau of NYS Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation in Albany, NY where she led a water quality monitoring program, sampling and testing water bodies at over 60 parks across the state. She volunteers as an At-Large representative for Westchester County on the Lower Hudson–Long Island Resource Conservation and Development Council, and serves on the Friends of Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center Board of Directors. Carrie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Geology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.

Executive Assistant
Aimee Forshee

Watershed Forest Stewardship Educator
Jess Alba

Murphy_BrendanBrendan Murphy
Watershed Forester
(914) 962-6355, ext. 12
[email protected]
Brendan Murphy is the Watershed Forester for the East-of-Hudson watershed in Yorktown Heights, NY. Since 2010, Brendan has worked with forest landowners from the private and public sectors on developing forest management plans, providing technical stewardship assistance, and implementing stream-side tree plantings for water quality protection, known as “Trees for Tribs,” through a partnership with the Hudson River Estuary Program of the New York State DEC. Before coming to the Watershed Agricultural Council, Brendan worked for several years as a Forestry Technician for the New York State DEC where he designed and administered forest products sales, conducted forest ecosystem inventories, and organized regional GIS database activities. He formerly held positions on the Conservation Advisory Council and the Tree Preservation Board for the Village/Town of Mount Kisco, and also served on the Town of Cortlandt Conservation Advisory Council. Brendan holds a B.S in Forest Resources Management from SUNY ESF and an A.A.S. in Forest Technology from the SUNY ESF Ranger School. His special interests lie in community-based forest ecosystem management and promoting long-term forest cover in the urban-rural interface.

East of Hudson Conservation Planner
Susanne Sahler ext. 13

Sahler_SusanneSusanne Sahler
East of Hudson Conservation Planner
ext. 13
[email protected]
Susanne joined the East of Hudson Program as a Conservation Planner on November 5, 2008. Her expertise stems from working as a land-use planner for the Town of Poughkeepsie and Sullivan County Department of Planning and Economic Development, and serving on her local planning board for seven years. Her first land-use management position was to provide a solid waste management inventory and mapping for all facilities at Region 3 NYS DEC. Susanne’s conservation philosophy is simple: “As stewards of the land and environment, we need to be more conscious of our privilege to clean, accessible water. Conserve water whenever possible. Become aware of how much water you need and use and use it wisely.”

Shulman_PP. Shulman
Executive Assistant to the East of Hudson Project
ext. 115
[email protected]
P. Shulman started as the Administrative Assistant for WAC’s East of Hudson office in Yorktown, NY in 2013. She assists staff and area farmers implement recommended Best Management Practices. Prior to joining the Watershed Agricultural Council, shulmani worked with the management of Hilltop Hanover Farm & Environmental Center to establish a nonprofit Friends Group that raises funds to help insure the organic farm’s sustainability. She has also held numerous positions in financial services firms both in Westchester and in Manhattan. She is grateful to have such a nice group of people to work with who just happen to be on the frontlines of saving our planet and its inhabitants one farm at a time.

East of Hudson Forestry Program Coordinator
Tyler Van Fleet ext. 21

VanFleet_TylerTyler Van Fleet
Watershed Forester
ext. 21
[email protected]

Tyler Van Fleet joined WAC in February 2014 as the Forestry Program’s first Watershed Educator. Growing up in Maine, Tyler developed an early and enduring love for forests and nature discovery. She is fascinated by how people think about and relate to the environment and she is committed to helping people of all ages deepen this connection. Tyler earned a B.A. in Biology and Socio-cultural Anthropology from The George Washington University, an M.S. in Environmental Conservation from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a teaching license from the State of Louisiana.

As a formal educator, Tyler has designed and taught 12th grade science courses, including AP Environmental Science, in a high-needs public high school in New Orleans, Louisiana, and an undergraduate course on the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Management at UMass Amherst. As a non-formal educator, Tyler has engaged family forest landowners about forest conservation, adults about land protection and urban gardening and children about sustainable agriculture and field science. Particularly potent passions include planning and evaluation in education, peer-to-peer and service learning, focus group facilitation, partnership building, hiking, cycling, kayaking, mosses and lichens.