Program Overview

You care about your woods. You want to look after your land and keep it healthy. But you want advice on how to do that. Maybe you want to harvest trees, but you want to make sure you don’t harm your land in the process. Maybe you want to attract more wildlife, pass something on to your kids, or just make your land a better place to relax and have fun. No matter how much land you own or what you want to do with it, we can help you.
We offer:

  1. 480-a Enrollment Incentive – a cost-share payment for owners of at least 50 wooded acres who want to enroll in New York’s Forest Tax Law Program and lower their property taxes.
  2. 480-a Update Incentive – a cost-share payment for landowners already enrolled in the Forest Tax Law Program to update their plans.
  3. MyWoodlot – a self-directed, online educational tool for owners of any amount of woodland.
    MyWoodlot is a community of folks who love the outdoors and want to help each other. They provide outdoor activity ideas, advice on landownership, and ways to connect with other landowners through our forums. They have gathered some of the best resources on woodlands from both landowners and professionals, and given them context through projects landowners like you can actually do. All the resources on MyWoodlot are available for free.