Along with purchasing development rights, WAC acquires the right to condition certain uses or activities retained by the landowner that may occur on an eased property.  These are referred to as Reserved Rights. Landowners may request to exercise a Reserved Right by contacting their Stewardship Specialist. That request requires approval by the Easement Committee to ensure the proposed activity is consistent with the terms and conditions of the Deed of Conservation Easement. Below is a comprehensive list of all the Reserved Rights a landowner might utilize:

1. Subdivision
2. Forest Harvest Plans
3. Water Resources, Stream Work and Resource Protection Areas (“RPA”)
4. Agricultural Buildings and Improvements Greater than 5,000 Sq. Ft. outside Acceptable Development Area (“ADA”)
5. Creation of Farm Support Housing in ADA
6. Recreational Buildings and Improvements Greater than 1,000 Sq. Ft. outside ADA
7. Pesticide and Fertilizer application in Forest Conservation Easement Area (“FCEA”)
8. Bluestone Mining
9. Septic System outside ADA
10. Application of Domestic Septic Effluent (etc.)
11. Wind Turbines, Cell Towers and Commercial Antennae outside ADA
12. Rights of Way
13. Future Acceptable Development Area (“FADA”)
14. Rural Enterprises
15. Dumping and Storage of Waste

For more specified information please refer to WAC’s Stewardship Guidelines.