Photo by Melissa Lawrence

Monitoring & Whole Farm Plan Annual Status Reviews

Each property in the WAC easement portfolio requires monitoring twice annually. These include one aerial monitoring and photographing of the property and one yearly land-based inspection with the landowner to discuss any changes that may have occurred since the last visit. Further stewardship activities such as notifications, violations, reserved rights requests and/or amendments may result from these visits or fly-overs. Conservation Easement Monitoring Guidelines 6/28/10

Monitoring is managed using a monitoring calendar, which schedules property visits by month. A Ground Monitoring Form is used to identify all activities in the Easement that may require staff or committee action. This form is used in conjunction with the Stewardship Database to manage and track all stewardship activities on all properties. The Stewardship Database allows the Stewardship Specialist to quantify and qualify all stewardship activities occurring on all properties, as well as manage the history of a conservation easement on the property as it relates to the original grantor easement and the original Whole Farm Plan.