Stewarding Your Conservation Easement

Upon closing, landowners with conservation easements are assigned to a Stewardship Specialist who serves as their primary contact in matters pertaining to the management of their conservation easement encumbered property. Stewardship Specialists are responsible for conducting ground and aerial monitoring of all properties in the easement portfolio, as well as processing all related stewardship activities and/or requests that are identified through ground monitoring visits and landowner relations.

Each property in the WAC easement portfolio requires monitoring twice annually, which may result in further stewardship activities such as notifications, violations, reserved rights requests and/or amendments.

The Stewardship Specialists also manage all administrative work associated with stewarding each property, which includes:

  • Maintaining a stewardship file for each property
  • Maintaining Baseline Documentation Binder for each property
  • Maintaining a record of utilized retained rights for each property

The Stewardship Business Processes

The general business process for the stewardship of conservation easements is represented below. Red arrows indicate the points in the process at which committee or council approvals are required. Monitoring of a property occurs twice annually. The other activities represented on the diagram below (Notifications, Violations, Reserved Right Requests and Amendments) only occur if requested by a landowner or are required because of an action for which the landowner is responsible.