ce_notificationLandowners are required to notify WAC upon conveyance or lease of a conservation easement encumbered property. Notification is important because it allows CE Program staff to track current property ownership and associated retained rights. WAC must ensure that a new owner of an easement encumbered property understands the terms and conditions of the Deed of Conservation Easement.

Additionally, notification of a proposed conveyance of a subdivided or existing independent tax parcel is equally important.  As part of the conveyance, the landowner must distribute retained rights (such as agricultural and recreational structure square footage, new residential structures, subdivisions, and Future Development Areas) across the respective properties to be encumbered by the original grantor easement.  Note: CE Program staff has developed an Allocation Tracking Form for each property that is reviewed with landowners during their annual monitoring visit to ensure that WAC and the landowner are in agreement regarding remaining retained rights for individual properties.