ce_guidelinesThe Watershed Agricultural Council has a series of Policies, Guidelines, and Standard Operating Procedures that guide the Easement Program’s stewardship operations. You can easily review these online or contact the Easement Program directly with your questions. Draft guidelines for public comment are reviewed according to the Stakeholder Meeting Process at the monthly Easement Program Committee meeting.

A current list of the Easement Program policies, guidelines and SOPs that apply to Stewardship are listed below.

WAC Deed of Conservation Easement

Agricultural Buildings and Improvements Greater than 5,000 Sq Ft Outside Acceptable Development Areas (ADA)

Amendment Guideline

Application of Domestic Septic Effluent

Bluestone Mining

Dumping and Storage of Waste

Enforcement Policy

Future Acceptable Development Areas

Farm Support Housing

Forest Harvest Plan

Forest Management Plan

Monitoring Guideline

Pesticide and Fertilizer Application in FCEA

Recreational Buildings over 1,000 Sq Ft

SSTS Outside ADA


Towers and Communication Devices

Water Resources and Stream Work