loggers at a workshop in the woodsThe Watershed Agricultural Council’s (WAC) Forestry Program’s Logger Training Initiative supports training for loggers to promote professional timber harvesting on watershed lands for a variety of reasons. Trends in other parts of New York and the United States indicated that trained loggers are a key component to gaining certification for private woodlots. Secondly, a trained logger is a safer logger with fewer injuries in the woods and better preparedness should an emergency occur. Finally, the WAC Forestry Program and its partners believe that a logger with a better understanding of sustainability and water quality will make the right choices when it comes to harvesting decisions and subsequently offer higher cost-share rates to loggers participating in WAC’s Forestry Best Management Practice Program.

The trainings offered by the WAC Forestry Program are approved by New York Logger Training (NYLT) for Trained Logger Certification (TLC) eligibility. NYLT is the organization responsible for the TLC program, tracks your class participation, determines your TLC status and holds statewide TLC classes.

The WAC Forestry Program offers the three “core TLC” classes to encourage new loggers to get TLC certified.

  1. Forest Ecology & Silviculture
  2. Game of Logging: Level 1 (or equivalent)
  3. Adult First Aid and CPR

In addition to these core TLC classes, the WAC Forestry Program offers classes that qualify for TLC Continuing Education Credits to encourage loggers to maintain TLC certification. Examples of classes offered in the past include:

  • Log Truck Inspection & Maintenance
  • BMP Installation on Skid Trails
  • Skidder Bridge Building
  • Stream Crossings & Permits
  • Logging for Bird Habitat
  • Advanced Game of Logging Classes

Loggers that are TLC Certified qualify for higher funding levels and cost-share rates when participating in the Forestry’s Best Management Practice (BMP) Program.

Visit the WAC Logger Training calendar for logger trainings in the NYC watershed region.

If you are a logger looking for training outside the watershed, please check out New York Logger Training’s workshop schedule.

If you are a landowner looking for chainsaw safety classes please contact the Catskill Forest Association or NYCAMH.


If you are considering a timber harvest, WAC’s MyWoodlot Initiative hosts a directory of loggers who are both TLC Certified and participate in our BMP programs.

For NYSDEC stream crossing permits and information:

NYSDEC Region 3 contacts:
Dutchess, Ulster, Sullivan, Putnam, Westchester, Putnam and Rockland Counties
Permitting Department: Brian Drumm (845) 256-3091

NYSDEC Region 4 contacts:
Delaware, Greene, Schoharie, Otsego, Albany, Columbia, Rensselaer, Schenectady and Montgomery Counties
Permitting Department: Evan Hogan (607) 652-7741

Download the 2024 Logger Calendar