Best Management Practice (BMP) Program

The BMP Program provides money, materials and technical support to help loggers plan and apply water quality Best Management Practices in the New York City Watershed. It helps loggers protect drinking water for 9 million New Yorkers.

Why Should I Participate?

Landowners, consulting foresters, local ordinances and stream crossing permits often require loggers to protect water quality. The Watershed Agricultural Council’s (WAC) Forestry Program can help you meet these requirements. We can help you develop a plan for protecting water quality and pay you to do it.

“I think this program is great. The [WAC] Foresters were easy to work with. The cost sharing and BMPs helped a great deal. It would be beneficial for landowners and loggers if the State of NY had a Program like yours.”
~ Logger, Greene County, NY

Controlling Erosion

We can help you control erosion on your entire logging job. We’ll pay you to use simple BMP’s like water bars, hay, grass seed, geotextile fabric, and gravel on your skid trails and landings. We’ll even help you figure out where and when to use these BMP’s. You can get this money and assistance by completing the Erosion Control portion of our BMP application.

“The BMP Program is great because it paid me to do something I couldn’t afford to do otherwise.”
~ Logger, Delaware County, NY

Protecting Streams

Dirt enters the water at stream crossings. We can help you protect streams by focusing BMP’s on the crossings. This is the best way to protect water quality and prevent costly regulatory distractions. We’ll pay you to cross a stream properly during logging and put it to bed when your job is done. You can get this money and assistance by completing the Stream Crossing portion of our BMP application.

“Working with WAC to plan BMPs ahead of time made it easier to get my stream crossing permit.”
~ Logger, Ulster County, NY

Loaning Bridges

Portable bridges are a great way to save time, money and protect water quality. You can borrow one of our portable bridges free of charge. We store our bridges in three locations – Walton (Delaware County), Fleischmanns (Ulster County), and Conesville (Schoharie County). Fill out the Bridge Loan portion of our BMP application as soon as you know you need a bridge.

“Borrowing the 30-foot bridge saved me at least a couple of thousand dollars and a ton of time.”
~ Logger, Sullivan County, NY

How Do I Participate in the BMP Program?

1. Complete and submit the BMP Program application
Send your completed BMP Program application by mail to 33195 State Highway 10, Walton, NY 13856, or email it to [email protected] If you are unsure how to complete the application, contact a WAC Watershed Forester for assistance. Watershed Foresters can help you determine the type and quantity of BMP’s needed to protect water quality. Once approved, you will receive a letter from WAC identifying the BMP’s and funding approved for your BMP Project. All applications must be submitted to WAC prior to the start of logging.

  • All applications should include a map of the trails that will be used.
  • All applications must be signed by the logger and landowner.
  • A Watershed Forester will visit the site to ensure the BMP’s will protect water quality.

2. Install BMP’s
After you receive your approval letter, you can start applying the BMP’s outlined in your application.

  • Save your receipts for materials like gravel, geotextile fabric, seed, and culverts.
  • If you’re receiving Stream Crossing funding, you must spread hay and seed on the stream crossing approaches.
  • We understand that logging is dynamic. Call one of our foresters if you need to change your approved application. We will work with you to adjust your application in response to unforeseen circumstances.
  • We love water bars! Feel free to install as many as you need, even if it’s more than we approved in your application. We’ll pay for all the water bars we find that meet NYS BMP spec’s.

3. Have your finished job inspected
When you finish installing the BMP’s, submit a W9, and any receipts to WAC. One of our foresters will inspect your completed BMP Project within 14 days.

  • We will only pay for BMP’s that adhere to NYS BMP Guidelines.
  • We will only pay for BMP’s that were identified in the approved application or subsequently approved by a WAC Watershed Forester. The only exception to this is the installation of additional water bars.

4. Get paid!
WAC will pay you within 30 days of the final inspection. Please call if you think there is a discrepancy between the amount you were paid and the amount approved for your project. We can discuss your payment, re-inspect the BMP project, and issue a supplemental payment if necessary.