Management Assistance Program (MAP)
The Management Assistance Program (MAP), is an incentive program providing financial assistance and technical support to landowners who wish to conduct certain stewardship activities. Landowners who complete a watershed forest management plan or have completed a MyWoodlot Profile are eligible for MAP. Research has shown that landowners own forests for reasons beyond economics; they value their forest land for its aesthetic beauty, the wildlife habitat it provides, and the recreational retreat it offers.

The opportunities provided by the Management Assistance Program capture landowners’ interests and inspire them to become active stewards of their properties. Practices offered in MAP currently include the following projects:

1. Tree Planting – For forest establishment, or to improve species diversity.

2. Riparian Improvement – Tree and shrub planting to improve or protect water quality adjacent to stream and wetland areas, collectively known as riparian buffers.

3. Invasive Plant Control – Eradication and control techniques to stop the spread of invasive native and non-native plants that interfere with forest management goals.

4. Timber Stand Improvement – Removal of trees in overly dense stands of trees to result in a vigorously growing forest filled with high-quality timber.

5. Wildlife Improvement – Options include practices to increase food available to wildlife, and habitat creation and protection strategies. Food production practices include: fruit tree release and pruning to promote fruiting, crop tree thinning (similar to timber stand improvement) to result in more seed and nut production, and wildlife seeding to establish herbaceous crops (food plots) in open areas. Habitat creation and protection strategies include: Seep Protection & Enhancement to identify and protect these important upland wetlands, Snag & Cavity Tree Development to provide recruitment of cavity nesting and den trees for wildlife, and Early Succesional Habitat Management to promote key wildlife habitat underrepresented in our region and across NYS and vital to survival of species of special concern.

6. WAC Forester Site Visits – One-on-one visit with a WAC Forester for advice and to learn about woodlot options.

Initiated in the fall of 2005 as a pilot program, the Management Assistance Program (MAP) was permanently added to the WAC Forestry Program offerings in 2008. Applications are accepted year round and project selection occurs on a monthly basis. Depending on the approved project, work can be completed by the landowner, contractor, or both. Projects are expected to be completed within a six-month timeframe of the approval date.


Contact the WAC Forestry Program for more information at (607) 865-7790.