ag_repairEvery day use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) can take its toll. A situation once remedied by Operations & Maintenance (O&M) soon turns to Repair & Replacement (R&R).

Regular, routine maintenance can extend the life of a conservation measure, but a typical BMP lifespan averages just 10 to 15 years.  Many BMPs surpassed their original, estimated performance by years and can attribute their structural success to exceptional construction, materials quality and landowner dedication to Operations & Maintenance Agreements (O&M).

However, no amount of BMP O&M can withstand the impact of Mother Nature. Many farmers with Whole Farm Plans now face the time for “R&R”. While many BMP protocols remain the same, some conservation practices have improved since those originally installed 15 years ago. With others, the bar on accepted standard of practice is slightly higher. And for other BMPs, well they’ve just worn out.

The Watershed Agricultural Program is currently evaluating its Repair & Replacement policy and will be reviewing its inventory of BMPs. WAP staff will work with landowners to identify BMPs that need immediate attention and schedule a plan of action within the Annual Status Review.