ag_asrThe Watershed Agricultural Program values its relationship with farmer/landowner and visits the farm each year. A staff planner conducts an annual evaluation of Best Management Practices (BMPs), their functionality and effectiveness, with a tool called an Annual Status Review (ASR). An Annual Status Review of a Whole Farm Plan (WFP) includes

  • a Whole Farm Plan follow-up where the farmer/landowner and the WAC planner discuss how the Plan worked over the past year (or didn’t) and identify changes made on the farm since last year that may impact the WFP in the coming year.
  • BMP inspections to verify that the practice is withstanding the farm’s demands and daily wear-and–tear;
  • Ensuring the landowner understands and is following the O&M Agreement, by making repairs and conducting routine maintenance.
  • Scheduling outstanding BMPs that may be pending.
  • Measuring landowner satisfaction with the Whole Farm Plan and its overall impact on farm operations.

Watershed Agricultural Council/Watershed Agricultural Program Annual Whole Farm Plan Status Review — 2015 (pdf)