Each year, the Watershed Agricultural Council hosts various groups on watershed tours throughout the region. They may be Bard College graduate students and Mongolian parliamentary representatives or Indian foresters and Mekong Delta policy makers. All come to the New York City watershed to find out how we manage our Payment for Eco Services (PES) programs, to visit our farms and models forests, and figure out how to replicate our successes in their home countries. We’ve succeeded in creating lasting public-private partnerships between the New York City Department of Environmental Protection and watershed landowners upstream. We’re honored to share our experiences and the New York City Watershed case study with you and your colleagues.

Each year, groups ask us for pre-arrival specifics; the following files will provide you with helpful background information.

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We look forward to your visit to the New York City Watershed and hosting your group in the coming weeks.

If you would like to schedule a watershed tour or request additional information to this page, please contact:
Communications Director, Heather Magnan
(607) 865-7090, ext. 217