wac_missionMission, Vision & Values

The Watershed Agricultural Council’s mission: To promote the economic viability of agriculture and forestry, the protection of water quality, and the conservation of working landscapes through strong local leadership and sustainable public-private partnerships.

2016 Strategic Plan

The Watershed Agricultural Council’s vision is to be a leader in conserving the agricultural and forestry landscape in the New York City Watershed region by promoting:

  • Agriculture and forestry as viable economic lifestyles in the watershed;
  • Efforts that protect water quality;
  • Implementation of management plans throughout the wide geography of the watershed on farms and forests of all sizes and types;
  • Utilization of a science-based approach to the application of Best Management Practices;
  • Land conservation through procurement and stewardship of agricultural and forestry easements;
  • Long-term financial stability for the organization;
  • Continued organizational and programmatic flexibility;
  • Responding to new needs as they arise; and
  • Cultivating positive cooperative relationships with stakeholders and partners.

The Watershed Agricultural Council’s values inherent in its pursuit of mission:

  • WAC balances the economic viability of agriculture and forestry with protecting water quality.
  • WAC advocates for natural resource conservation within the context of the working landscape.
  • WAC promotes comprehensive natural resource planning and best management practices.
  • WAC promotes the development of partnerships that serve to enhance its mission.
  • WAC strives to serve its clients well.
  • WAC actively promotes the economic viability and growth and development of agriculture and forestry.