Council of Directors

The Watershed Agricultural Council seats a 16-member Council of Directors, which represents the interests of farm and forest landowners within the New York City water supply region. Charged with the WAC’s policy making and fiscal oversight, the Board selects Council members from the Catskill, Delaware and Croton watersheds.


2021 Council Members:
Wayland Gladstone, Council Chair, Beef farmer, Delaware County
Dave Cammer, Vice Chair, Retired dairy farmer/maple syrup producer, Schoharie County
Eleanor Blakeslee-Drain, Organic vegetable farmer, Delaware County
Dr. Dwight Bruno, Retired Veterinarian, Delaware County
Larry Burgin, Dairy farmer, Delaware County
James Darling, Dairy farmer, Delaware County
Richard Giles, Secretary, Organic vegetable farmer, Delaware County
Jeff Graff, Representative for DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza
Karl Gockel, Treasurer, Dairy farmer, Delaware County
Jennifer Grossman, Attorney, Delaware County
Fred Huneke, Retired dairy farmer, Delaware County
Tom Hutson, Dairy farmer, Delaware County
Steve Reed, Dairy farmer, Delaware County
John Riedl, Former school superintendent/forest landowner, Schoharie County
John Verhoeven, Angus beef farmer, Greene County
Marilyn Wyman, Forest landowner, Schoharie County


2021 Non-Council Committee Members:
Frank Albano, Dairy and Beef Farm, Delaware County
Chris Andrews, Croton Watershed
Brenda Bate, Croton Watershed
Jan Blaire, Croton Watershed
Leda Blumberg, Croton Watershed
Brian Bower, Forester, Greene County
John Burgin, Dairy farmer, Delaware County
Rob Clark, Retired US Forest Service
Eric Dahlberg, Forester, Schohaire County
Gwen Deysenroth, Dairy farmer, Delaware County
Chris DiBenedetto, Dairy farmer, Greene County
Shannon Finn, Dairy Farmer, Schoharie County
Barbara Howard, Horse farm, Croton Watershed
Tianna Kennedy, Organic vegetable farmer, Otsego County
Paul Krickhahn, Jr, Forester, Delaware County
Betsey Ryder, Beef, vegetables and flowers farm, Croton Watershed
Tim Sherwood, Organic dairy farm, Delaware County
Trish Vasta, Beef, pig and vegetable farm, Croton Watershed
Abby Wilson, Wedding Venue/Tourist farm owner, Delaware County
Frank Winkler, Landowner, Delaware County
The Council oversees much of its policy and programmatic work through “Committees.” Click here for a complete list of 2021 committees and members.