Forestry: Training Loggers in the NYC Watershed

Forestry: Training Loggers in the NYC Watershed

The Watershed Agricultural Council’s (WAC) Forestry Program works in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) Columbia/Greene County and New York Logger Training, Inc., to host the three core courses necessary for regional loggers to earn “Trained Logger Certification” (TLC). The three TLC core courses are—Game of Logging, First Aid/CPR and Silviculture & Ecology.

These three workshops comprise the core courses that loggers are required to attend to become Trained Logger Certified. The courses are offered in sequence, once in the spring and once in the fall, so new participants are ensured of a timely training event. Game of Logging is a series of workshops that provide training in all aspects of logging: chainsaw safety, felling techniques and machine operation. First Aid & CPR is taught by certified Red Cross instructors. Forest Ecology & Silviculture provides loggers basic information about sustainable forestry, forested ecosystems, and Best Management Practices (BMPs). Over the past year, 40 loggers participated in six TLC core courses, two Game of Logging, two First Aid & CPR and two Forest Ecology and Silvicultural workshops.

In addition to promoting the certification of new loggers the WAC Forestry Program also encourages continuing participation in Trained Logger Certification. At least two additional workshops are held each year to provide the continuing education credits loggers need to maintain their TLC. The continuing education workshops cover a range of topics like Log Truck Safety, Logger Rescue and Hazard Tree Removal. Over the past year, 36 loggers participated
in two TLC continuing education courses, one Stream Crossing workshop and one Invasive Forest Pest workshop.

The WAC Forestry Program also supports the TLC program by providing financial incentives. These incentives are offered in the form of higher costshare rates and preferential applicant approval for TLC loggers participating in the WAC’s Forestry BMP Program. Over the past year a total of 39 TLC incentive payments were issued to 23 loggers totaling more than $41,000.

Read more of the 2023 Annual Report here.

Program Stats:

  • 28 Landowners  Enrolled 3,320 Acres in the 480a Forest Tax Law
  • Water Quality BMPs on 47 Timber Harvests
  • 67 Forest Stewardship Projects on 391 Acres
  • 30  Watershed Forestry Field Trips