Conservation Easements: Acquisitions Returns in the NYC Watershed

Conservation Easements: Acquisitions Returns in the NYC Watershed

The Watershed Agricultural Council’s Easement Program (EP) spent 2023 engaging new conservation easement interest. After a three year pause of acquisitions and filling multiple vacant positions, the Easement Team is proud to share that it has now entered into contract on two properties aimed to close in 2024. Staff are actively land planning on 11 properties and have four additional applicant properties scheduled to be considered in December of this year. In June, the EP received nine new applications and of those, eight were approved to move to land planning. The pipeline of candidate conservation properties is filling up fast, and we’re thrilled to see so much interest after such a long pause.

WAC accepts new easement applications on a rolling basis, but generally only selects new applications to proceed into the easement land planning process twice per year. For more information or to apply visit:

Read more of the 2023 Annual Report here.

Program Stats:

  • 32,409 Conserved Acres
  • 215 Eased Properties
  • 55 Activity Requests