Why you Should Consider a WAC Conservation Easement

Landowners in the New York City Watershed may enter a WAC conservation easement for several reasons:

  • To preserve farmland or forestland for future generations.
  • To protect the environment and water quality.
  • To assist in transferring a working farm from one generation to another.
  • To expand the farm or purchase additional equipment.
  • To support multi-family farm incomes.
  • To preserve the community’s rural character.
  • To pay down debt.

WAC’s Conservation Easements are designed as a “working lands” easement to facilitate continued intensive commercial activities such as: agriculture, timber harvests, and blue stone quarrying so long as those activities have a conservation plan approved by WAC.

All WAC Conservation Easements are Willing Buyer/Willing Seller transactions. WAC Conservation Easements are purchased from landowners based on the land’s Fair Market Value.