ce_eligibilityEligibility Requirements for a WAC Conservation Easement

Generally, the eligibility requirements for a WAC Conservation Easement are:

  1. Property is at least 50 acres in size (Agricultural Conservation Easement) or 100 acres in size (Forest Conservation Easement).
  2. Property has an active and current Whole Farm Plan (Agricultural Conservation Easement) or property has a forest management plan through WAC’s Watershed Forest Management Plan Program or NYS 480-a Forest Tax Law Program (Forest Conservation Easement).
  3. Property has surface water resources, such as: streams, springs, or wetlands.
  4. Property is located in the West of Hudson NYC Watershed. Check the map here.

Applications are available here. To discuss the eligibility requirements in further detail or for any other questions please call (607) 865-7790, ext. 100.

Application submission, review and approval of qualified applicants is rolling, based on available program funding, program capacity, and program production needs.