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Pure Catskills can help you find farmers’ markets, farm stands, and other great places to buy local foods and other locally produced products. Find a U-pick farm, have a fun family day, and support your local farmer. Find listings in Delaware,GreeneOtsegoSchoharieSullivan and Ulster Counties.

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Pure Catskills

Pure Catskills is a branding campaign sponsored by the Watershed Agricultural Council to mobilize community support for fresh food products grown, raised, and manufactured in the Catskill region. The Pure Catskills brand underscores the conservation value of an economy based upon the region’s natural resources. It is meant to bring to mind the purity of the water, silt-rich valleys and grassy mountain slopes that sustain an agriculturally diverse landscape. It stands for the people who, for four and five generations, have demonstrated a love for the land through their stewardship.

The Pure Catskills logo was adapted from a colorful early 20th-century crate label for cauliflower shipments from the Walton-Hamden Cauliflower Co-op, based in the northern Catskill region. “The girl in the red dress” graced the crates of this Catskill crop with the slogan, “Pride of the Catskills.” The new label was adapted in 2004 to emphasize the connection between our region’s good food and the famously pure water that flows to New York City taps.

To “Get in the Pure Catskills Guide,” simply pay an annual $35 membership fee.Farms and businesses may also increase their exposure by purchasing display ad space in the Pure Catskills Guide.

Membership benefits include:

  • A member listing in the printed Pure Catskills Guide.
  • A 50-word description in the printed Pure Catskills Guide.
  • Over 50,000 Guide copies distributed FREE at nearly 500 locations in Delaware, Greene, Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster Counties.
  • A detailed online listing at www.purecatskills.com.
  • Access to the Pure Catskills website, its searchable directory and other features.
  • Use of the Pure Catskills logo on product labels and in your marketing materials.
  • Ongoing memberships benefits including event and workshop discounts, grant opportunities, conference scholarships.
  • Customized member farmers’ market signs.
  • Introductory membership packet with point-of-purchase items including hang tags, product stickers, posters and more!
  • Scholarships to educational seminars and workshops,
  • Producer groups and networking opportunities with like-minded farmers,
  • Access to the Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAE) awards, an annual grants programs supplying $50,000 to member-community collaborations hosting local events highlighting clean water, good food, agriculture and the watershed region’s rural heritage.

Go to www.purecatskills.com to register for the 2012 Pure Catskills Guide to Farm Fresh Products or download the 2013 Pure Catskills Membership Enrollment forms here.