By Gabrielle Rosado

One day
I stood up and turned around and
Asked the tree….
“What do you do for the water and me?”
Then I sighed and said,
“what am I doing; trees don’t talk!”
Suddenly it did!
I talk; I do said the tree.
We do plenty for the watershed
If there are trees next to the water
There is no dirt falling down.
My gorgeous, long roots help hold it in place.
I give oxygen so the animals can
I give to animals who need shelter.
I don’t only help the water as my wood can build homes for you too.
I give you something to write with and something to write on.
I give you food and air.
I give you something to sit up on.
Something to read.
And most of all I give you me!

My Tree Spikey
By Bradley Cottom

Hi my name is Spikey. I came to Ellenville to be planted in Frost Valley, a watershed area. I sat in the back of a van all the way to Ellenville. As soon as I got there I saw a line of kids crowding around me. Then one kid grabbed me and said “I want this one.” Then he looked at me and said “my name is Bradley.” Then we went inside and they talked about how trees give people oxygen.
Their teacher Mrs. Brackman gave their students a sheet about if we are flexible, how tall, and what color are the buds. But I heard Bradley’s teacher said “that a White Spruce was used for wooden plates and bowls. Bradley’s teacher said that there was a trip on May 18. There were three days away from the trip. In the classroom I learned more and more about myself. Today was the day of the trip when Bradley brought me on a noisy bus. It was long and bumpy. When we got there Bradley planted me to keep the watershed clean.

By Caitlin Logan

Throughout the world many trees stand of all different names and
Oak, maple, pines too.
Can all of these trees help you?
Yes they can in so many ways.
They supply oxygen for you on all kinds of days.
They give you wood to make pencils and desks,
And even ugh, “tests”
But since the trees give us so much what are we giving back?
They need our help for our help lacks.
We breathe in the oxygen the trees give out
And we give them carbon dioxide without a doubt.
This endless cycle continues on and on.
But the trees are still lacking something so fond.
And yes, we are a part of this terrible wrong.
We cut down trees and have been polluting so long.
So remember each day to thank a tree.
For all it does for you and me.

White Pine
By Mahtik Calhoun

The White pine is a tree;
The White pine calls to me

With its pines, with its dew;
From the morning sun

The tree with pines glittering;
Reminds me of a dog with wisdom

This three is very special to me;
It is my feelings it is my thoughts
It is me.

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