Frost Valley Model Forest

(290 acres) The Frost Valley Model Forest is owned and managed by the Frost Valley YMCA and is located in the Neversink Reservoir watershed.

Frost Valley YMCA
2000 Frost Valley Road
Claryville, NY 12725

(845) 985-2291

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Visitors to the Frost Valley Model Forest are asked to register at the Frost Valley Administration Building, one mile from the trail head. To contact Frost Valley directly, call (845) 985-2291.

The Frost Valley Model Forest was opened in 2003, becoming the second operational forest in the New York City Watershed Model Forest Program. As one of the nation’s leading environmental education institutions, Frost Valley YMCA provides top-notch educational resources and a welcoming atmosphere that greatly enhances the model forest experience. Visitors to this model forest, located in Ulster County, are blessed with amazing scenery, well-maintained recreational trails, and comprehensive learning opportunities, all leading to an unforgettable outdoor educational experience.

In its short history, the Frost Valley Model Forest has hosted informative woods walks and recreational hikes for landowners, local leaders, international dignitaries, foresters and loggers, interested citizens, and thousands of YMCA campers. It also supports a wealth of scientific research and forest health monitoring. Interpretive signs have been placed next to demonstration sites and other interesting locations along the forest’s road and trails. In addition to outdoor opportunities, the Frost Valley Model Forest includes an indoor classroom. The classroom helps bolster the visitor’s experience by providing a venue for indoor educational presentations, which can be followed by outdoor walks. The Frost Valley Model Forest is open during hours of daylight, year-round.

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