Economic Viability: From Pilot Farm to Featured Pure Catskills Member

Economic Viability: From Pilot Farm to Featured Pure Catskills Member

JJF Farm
This year we are proud to highlight JJF Farm’s evolution and involvement in the Economic Viability Program. JJF Farm started as a dairy farm in 1964. The farm is owned by John and Beth Verhoeven and is located on Route 23C between the Hunter and Windham ski slopes. It is not only a pilot Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC) farm that has participated in multiple programs since the WAC’s inception, but has also been a Pure Catskills member since the start.

In 2005, they decided to switch to beef choosing to raise Angus cattle. Seeing the potential for direct marketing, they started a farm store to sell products produced on the farm. Angus are known for their ease of calving, fast finishing, and marbling. Over the years they have figured out just the right process to get beef that is high-quality and consistent.

The farm store opened in 2009, and grew slowly by adding cattle and acreage. Today, JJF Farm has over 200 head of cattle and they market everything through the store. Their beef is pasture-raised, grain-finished, hormone and antibiotic free. They have also added pork and chicken to their operation. Visitors can see the chickens out in the chicken tractor all summer long, grazing on grass and bugs. All of the meats are cryovac and frozen.

“We have certainly benefited from more business and we are constantly recommending other members for products we don’t carry. People like to come and see the animals, especially the cows with calves. Our guard donkey Wilbur is also a big attraction and if you are lucky, you can get to hear him bray. Our hours are from 9 AM–5 PM, Thursday through Monday.”
—John & Beth Verhoeven

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