Economic Viability: Buying Local — A Way of Life

Economic Viability: Buying Local — A Way of Life

2020 has been challenging, unprecedented and at times unnerving, but it has also shown us the importance of knowing where your food comes from, supporting local businesses, and the strength of small communities.Buying locally,knowing the source of your food, and committing to supporting local farm and food businesses is no longer a trend—it is a lifestyle.

One of the greatest strengths of this region is the diversity of products being grown, produced and raised by our local farm and food producers. The Catskills represent the definition of what it means to ‘buy local,’and is a robust foodshed offering everything from honey, meat varieties of all kinds, vegetables, any dairy product you need (from cow to goat), maple, fruits and so much more, to farmers’ markets, farm activities, social distancing options, you name it –we have it.

Now more than ever, the work of our Economic Viability(EV)Program to promote, showcase and support our small, committed and diversified farm and forest businesses through Pure Catskills, social media and our grant programing is invaluable. We are a trusted source making direct connections between farms and businesses to consumers during a time of such uncertainty. Though our programming shifted, we were working from home, and all of our favorite events were cancelled, the EV Program was able to dedicate our workload and time to being a resource so many people still rely on, and we are proud of all that was accomplished this year.

Our Pure Catskills members, along with all of our Watershed farmers and foresters, represent the very best of this region, clean water, high-quality food, and the future of food purchasing.With the world changing so rapidly around us, our hardworking farmers and producers remain persistent, relentless, and most importantly they remain consistent. Our hope, especially after this year, is that you’ll join our buy local movement and make it a continual and integral part of your lifestyle.

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