Town Brook Research is a cooperative effort between DEP, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Cornell University and USGS. The two main objectives of this research are to:
1) Develop, implement and evaluate BMPs for minimizing phosphorus loss from farms represented by those farms in the TBW and
2) Apply and improve field-scale and farm-scale indices and models to support nutrient management planning within the TBW, as well as the findings of this project to the Cannonsville Watershed and other Catskill watersheds.

There are several research projects ongoing in the Town Brook sub-watershed including: stream flow and water quality monitoring, collection of a meteorological data, experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of milkhouse filter strips, quantifying the relationship between soil P and runoff P for soils found in the subbasin, and lab experiments to determine phosphorus leaching from intact soil cores. WAC’s Town Brook Research Group includes farmers from the sub-watershed, plus representatives from USDA Agricultural Research Service, US Geological Survey, Cornell University and New York City DEP. The group is currently under the leadership of Dr. William J. Gburek and Dr. Andrew N. Sharpley, two world experts in the transport of Phosphorous through watersheds.

The group’s major goal for the coming year is to add comprehensive pathogen research to projects in this sub-basin, taking advantage of overlaps with Town Brook phosphorous research where possible (e.g., common sampling points, supporting datasets, and similar transport process research). This includes testing and validating the program’s current Best Management Practices that are intended to reduce pathogen transport from farms.

Project: Evaluation & Management of Phosphorus Contributions in the Town Brook Watershed
Location: Town Brook Watershed
Contact: William J. Gburek
Pasture Systems and Watershed Management Research Unit
U.S. Department of Agriculture
University Park, PA
Tel: 814-863-8759
E-mail: [email protected]