Small Farms Program

Smaller farms in the watershed vary widely in size and scope,growing a range of products from meat, eggs and vegetables to Christmas trees and maple syrup. WAC is currently implementing Whole Farm Plans on these farm operations, a key component of which are stream buffers to protect streams. These practices are a natural complement to grass-based livestock operations which are gaining popularity in the northeast United States.

Farms wishing to participate in the Whole Farm Planning process must first complete a AEM Tier 1 Questionnaire | (docx) or by calling Nate Townsend, Whole Farm Planning Coordinator at (607) 865-7090, ext. 240.

Click here for a map showing the location of participating farms in the New York City watershed.

CONTACT: Nate Townsend, Whole Farm Planning Coordinator
(607) 865-7090, ext. 240
Email: [email protected]