Agricultural Energy Discount Program – July 1st Deadline

The Residential Agricultural Discount Program is an electricity rate discount applied to the electricity delivery charge, available to eligible agricultural customers.  If you file an IRS – Schedule F (Form 1040) or, IRS Form 1120, 1120S, or 1065, and your farm business and residence are on the same electric meter, you can apply for this Discount, even if you generate your own electricity.

Applications, are available on your utility company website; along with eligibility criteria and other information. Or, you can contact your utility company directly.

New applications, (and yearly renewals if you already participate in the program), need to be submitted by JULY 1st.

This discount is funded through the NY Power Authority – ReCharge New York program.

National Grid – Link to website:

NYSEG – Link to website:!ut/p/z0/fY5NC8IwEER_i4ceJfEDtUcRUYq1KAg1F1nbNY22m3aTiv5725MHweM8hjcjlEiFIngaDd5YgrLLZzW7TEbxejtdyX2yS8byIKNNGJ6Ok3U0F5FQ_wudYczxKtZC1eCLoaGbFSnjFTw6oLxmqxkq1zNnciRvoATNJmtL3zKUuXGZbcn3JnNvGrUUKrPk8dUhejvUXfvyfR3IAiFHDqSrgD0Ssn4H8nexZ_8X64c6L9xy8AGO5naT/