Catskill Craftsmen: A Case Study in Saving Money
Heating with Woody Biomass

Catskill Craftsmen ( is the nation’s leading manufacturer of domestic, “ready-to-assemble” kitchen carts, islands and work centers. They also manufacture gourmet butcher block chopping blocks, cutting boards, hardwood cabinets, furniture, book carts and racks. Located in Stamford, New York in the heart of New York City’s water supply system and with a staff of about 50 employees, Catskill Craftsmen sells its products across the United States and throughout the world, with products available in countries such as Great Britain and New Zealand. Its products are featured in top stores including Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Target. The company processes over one million board feet of lumber per year, much of that supply purchased from local mills using locally harvested timber. Full story in pdf format…

Catskill Woodnet
Catskill Mountain Foundation
Energy. Vibrational energy of Chakras. Spirit of place. Terroir. Vintage. Appellation. All of these things relate to complex attributes in humans, spaces, landscapes, food, wine.
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