Article-Catskill Mountain Region Guide “Fresh from the Catskills” column:
April 2013: This Ain’t Your Grandma’s CSA, page 8
March 2013: Farmstand Favorites Cookbook, page 10
February 2013: Two Decades of Clean Drinking Water, page12
January 2013: Winter Education Imspires Spring Plantng, page 8
December 2012: Start Your Own Holiday Traditions at Catskills Farms, page 6
November 2012: From Farm Market to Feast, page 18
October 2012: Arriving for Fall:Fresh from the Catskills, page 12
July 2012: Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market, page 14
June 2012: More Than a Buckle, page 12
May 2012: Impact Film Series, page 4
April 2012: With Dirt & a Handshake, page 12
March 2012: A Milestone & The Frisbees, page 9

Private Lands, Public Lands: Farmland = Clean Water
 (Texas Agricultural Land Trust newsletter)

New York Watershed: Keeping The Balance, web slide show

TV News Feature:
“TEEB: Protecting Nature is Profitable” 
European Commission Documentary, 12.10.09

TV News Feature:
L’eau de New York, Part 1 
L’eau de New York, Part 2 
La Semaine Verte, CBC Radio Canada Television Documentary, 11.7.09

TV News Feature:
WAC & the Watershed, NewsChannel 34 Binghamton, 2.2.09

TV News Feature:
Terra Madre, NewsChannel 34 Binghamton, October 2008