The Pure Catskills Marketplace is an online collection of authentic, handmade farm and forest products from the Catskill Mountains. When you shop at the Marketplace, your purchase directly supports Pure Catskills farm and forest business members.  With your Marketplace purchase, you are also investing in healthy forests, farmland protection, and clean drinking water. Learn more about why your purchase matters.

Why Buy Pure Catskills?

When you buy from Pure Catskills farmers, foresters and businesses you support a rural economy, protect the working landscapes, preserve water quality, and ensure that small communities in the Catskills survive. Supporting the local economy preserves the rural Catskills way of life. Protecting the working landscapes in the Catskills ensures the delivery of over one billion gallons a day of clean, fresh drinking water to nine million New York City residents.


Our Vendors

Pure Catskills is a buy local branding campaign supporting the local food community and working landscapes in the Catskills region. We work with hundreds of farm, food and wood-product businesses throughout Delaware, Greene,Otsego, Schoharie, Sullivan and Ulster Counties in New York State. When you make a purchase from a Pure Catskills member, you’re also doing your part to preserve the working landscapes of the region, promote clean water and ensure small communities in the Catskills thrive.

Thank you for supporting the working landscapes of the Catskills region!

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