Photo by Kristin Artz, NYC DEP

In addition to monitoring of conservation easements, WAC staff conducts separate monitoring and review of Whole Farm Plans on Conservation Easement encumbered properties through an Annual Status Review of the property’s Whole Farm Plan. Whole Farm Plans are conservation plans designed to mitigate environmental concerns specific to farms to protect the water resources of the New York City Watershed. Anyone whose property is encumbered by a WAC conservation easement and engages in commercial agricultural is required to have a current and active Whole Farm Plan approved by the Council’s Agricultural Program and farm in accordance with that plan.

The Easement Program Agricultural Conservation Planners conduct all Annual Status Reviews (ASRs) for all Easement Properties. ASRs are utilized to identify which Whole Farm Plans (WFP) require revisions. The Conservation Planners coordinate with the Council’s Agricultural Program to prioritize revisions required on Easement Property WFPs.

Revisions to Whole Farm Plans become necessary when a farmer makes a change in the farm’s agricultural operations, activities or livestock under management.