Trained Logger Certification

Trained Logger Certification (TLC) is a voluntary program developed to recognize loggers who complete a training schedule that covers three “core” areas: safety, production and environmental awareness.

Core Workshops (required):

  • Forest Ecology and Silviculture
  • Chainsaw Operation and Productivity (Game of Logging)
  • Adult First Aid and CPR

Following the completion of three workshops covering the “core” areas, loggers are also required to obtain three (3) Continuing Education credits over three years following certification. Loggers are also required to maintain current First Aid and CPR certification during this time.

TLC training is offered in five regions throughout New York State. In partnership with the New York City DEP, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Greene County, and New York Logger Training, Inc., the Watershed Agricultural Council's Forestry Program supports TLC training in the Catskill/Lower Hudson Region for a variety of reasons. Trends in other parts of New York and the United States indicated that trained loggers are a key component to gaining certification for private woodlots. Secondly, a trained logger is a safer logger with fewer injuries in the woods and better preparedness should an emergency occur. Finally, the WAC Forestry Program and its partners believe that a logger with a better understanding of sustainability and water quality will make the right choices when it comes to harvesting decisions.

Loggers with TLC certification are also eligible to receive additional funding from the WAC Forestry Program when participating in the Best Management Practices Program.

BROCHURE(PDF): "Why use a Trained Logger Certified (TLC) Logger when you Harvest Timber?"


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Trained Logger Certified Trained Logger Certified Trained Logger Certified