While cleansing and storing water naturally, healthy forests sustain our forestry industry, recreational space, and viewshed.

  • Forest Management Planning

Forest Management Planning

If you own 10 acres or more of forest land in the NYC Watershed, you can be a part of a movement to ensure clean water and economic viability in the Watershed. Watershed Forest Management Plans (WFMPs) are cost shared through the Watershed Agricultural Council's Forestry Program and provide landowners with the basic information they need to make informed decisions regarding the future of their forests. WFMPs can help encourage the sustainable stewardship of privately owned watershed forests. Whether this stewardship takes the form of active timber management or the small-scale enhancement of wildlife habitat, the Forestry Program empowers landowners to actively manage their land.

Each forest management plan includes basic information about
  • forest structure,
  • wildlife management,
  • streamside planning,
  • forest economics, and
  • water quality
that are tailored to suit the needs of individual forests and landowners.


Since 1996, the Forestry Program has worked with more than 40 watershed qualified consulting foresters to develop 854 management plans for privately owned forested properties within the watershed. More than 146,000 acres of forest land are currently enrolled under WAC WFMPs. Having this amount of acreage enrolled in WFMPs allows the WAC Forestry Program to affect the landscape-level management necessary to protect water quality while promoting regional economic viability.

By filling out an application for a WFMP, you can start the process to becoming actively engaged in the management of your forest land. A list of watershed qualified foresters is available for you to select from to carry out your WFMP. Call the Forestry Program for more information at (607) 865-7790, ext. 101.

Here are some different components to the program:

  • Cost share for a WFMP
  • Cost share for a 10-year update of a WFMP
  • Cost share to upgrade a 480A Tax Law Plan to a WFMP
  • Cost share to do a 5-year update on a 480A Tax Law Plan that has been a WFMP for at least 1 year
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Forest Management Planning